All You Need to Know About Me


Dear you,

I am a photographer based in Sydney, Australia.
Through my camera, I tell stories: yours, mine and everybody else’s.
My work aims to capture the beauty and honesty in things.
I believe even the everyday mundaneness can be the most possibly extraordinary, a boiling egg, a kiss on the cheek, or simply, a hug.
There is no dull moment in life, not to mention the important occasions. That’s why I particularly enjoy wedding and lifestyle photography.
I know everything is there, the motion, the emotion, the drama, the characters, and the details.
All I have to do is trust it, witness it and document it.
You won’t find me getting in the way when things are happening. I am a perfectly good bystander, with utter impartiality and sincerity.
Oh, just one more thing, when I’m not busy capturing and telling stories with my lenses, I can be found behind the stove.